Toreo Surgical Center affordable plastic surgery in Tijuana

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Toreo Surgical Center offers cost-effective plastic surgery services in Tijuana.

Affordable plastic surgery in Tijuana. Welcome to our newly opened medical center in Tijuana, Mexico, designed for the comfort of our patients and equipped with leading technology in minimally invasive surgery. Here, the safety and success of surgical procedures are guaranteed by our highly trained healthcare staff. Enjoy exceptional service in a warm and welcoming environment, where medical excellence is our promise and your health is our priority.

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Toreo Surgical Center
affordable plastic surgery in Tijuana

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Plastic surgery in Tijuana

Lipo BBL

Sculpt your body, enhance your curves, and flaunt an enviable silhouette. Combining liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks (BBL) for stunning results. Say goodbye to stubborn areas, hello to sculpted, firm buttocks. Dare to look spectacular!

$4499 USD


Elevate your profile, enhance your beauty, exude confidence. Surgery reshaping the nose, improving breathing, harmonizing features. Tailored, natural outcomes. Breathe new life into your face!

$3999 USD

Gastric Sleeve

rediscover a healthy life. Bariatric surgery shrinking the stomach, limiting calorie intake, promoting significant weight loss. Regain energy, mobility, and self-esteem. Embark on the path to well-being!

Tummy tuck

Flaunt a flat, toned abdomen. Remove excess fat & skin, repair weakened muscles. Regain confidence & the contour you desire. Rediscover the best version of yourself!

$7499 USD

Mommy makeover

Regain your shape post-pregnancy. Combines surgeries like tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast lift. Restore firmness, sculpt, and rejuvenate. Reclaim your dream body!

$9999 USD


Restore vaginal tightness and firmness. Procedure enhancing muscle tone and intimate appearance. Boost sexual satisfaction and self-confidence. Revive your femininity!

$3499 USD

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Plastic surgery in Tijuana

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Is a hearth and beauty clinic located in Tijuana, México five minutes from the US border. We have the best team to certificed doctors, propery trained professional staff and use lasted tecnology equipment with the best promotions.

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Toreo Surgical Center
affordable plastic surgery in Tijuana

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